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Ice Chronicles

Ice Baron (Book 1)

Reviewer’s Choice Award
3rd Place Global Ebook Awards


“. . .a fast-paced story filled with action, suspense and incredible sexual tension. . .” – Merrylee, Two Lips Reviews


A forbidden love. A treacherous marriage proposal. Anya’s icy world is about to explode…

Anya has loved Joshua for years. Unfortunately, as her Protector, he is the one man she is forbidden to marry.

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science-fiction romance novel

Ice Master (Book 2)

Rogue code. A double agent.

He’s the commander of Tarim Territory’s air defense. She’s the daughter of an empire bent on destroying them. Can love unite these star-crossed lovers, and save their world?

Lee is haunted by nightmares and guilt. As a brilliant young teen, her father manipulated her to create an invasive new computer virus. She hadn’t known his monstrous plan. …Not until he launched a thermonuclear attack against their enemies. Now her uncle wants her to finish the job. Lee would rather die than be used as a pawn again by her bloodthirsty family.

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