Kaavl Conqueror

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Kaavl Conqueror

(Kaavl Chronicles, Book 4)


A team divided. An enemy out for vengeance. One last game to decide the fate of her people…

There was a time when the game of kaavl was all that mattered to Methusal. But now with many of her teammates either captured or in grave danger, she only cares about surviving the trip home and preventing a war that will surely destroy her land. When she saw the fear in the enemy Presidente’s eyes, she had hoped he would sign the terms of surrender. But the only thing he seems to want is revenge…

The impending war isn’t all Methusal has to worry about. There still may be a spy on her team, and Mentàll is keeping secrets from her. Could her former rival’s ulterior motive doom the mission from the start?

As the Presidente travels to her beloved community, Methusal must kick her superhuman kaavl abilities into motion. To discover the truth and defend her home, Methusal’s abilities may be the only thing that can keep her people alive…

“Kaavl Conqueror is the fourth and final book in the Kaavl Chronicles, a series of unique fantasy adventures. If you like spirited romance, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and breathtaking new worlds, then you’ll love Jennette Green’s captivating series finale.”

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The ship’s gentle motion was making Methusal feel sick by the time Doc finally exited from Mentàll’s room. When she leaped up, the jacket Deccia had put around her shoulders fell to the floor. She barely noticed.

“Is he alive?”

The crewman who’d helped Doc brushed by her with an armload of bloody linens. Methusal turned anguished eyes to the Tarst doctor, who still hadn’t answered. “Doc. Tell me.”

“He’s alive. For now.”

Relief lasted only for a moment. Fear cramped harder around her heart. “What does that mean?”

“The bullet passed through his body. It didn’t hit his heart. I think it missed his lungs. That’s the good news.”

“And the bad?”

“He could be bleeding internally. There’s no way to tell at this point. It’s not worth the risk to open him up right now. Conditions are less than ideal here. Even in the best of circumstances, I couldn’t do much.”

“He could still die.”

“Yes.” His expression made it clear he thought it would be a miracle if Mentàll ever regained consciousness again.


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