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JENNETTE GREEN HAS ALWAYS had a passion for writing. She wrote her first story over thirty years ago, and her first romance novel, The Commander’s Desire, was published in 2008. The newest, revised version, was published in 2013. This book has been given the accolades of “Top Pick” novel and “Reader’s Favorite Hero for 2009.” In addition, The Commander’s Desire was optioned to be translated into Thai and published in Thailand. It is also now available in audio format through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Her second romance novel, Her Reluctant Bodyguard, is also a reader favorite, and has received a number of top pick reviews. Ice Baron, a science fiction romance, has been well-received as well, and won third place in the Global Ebook Awards in the Science Fiction category, as well as a “Reviewers’ Choice Award” from Two Lips Reviews.

Jennette loves to travel with her husband and children, and particularly likes long walks along the ocean, dreaming up new stories.

Jennette loves to hear from her readers.

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Believe it or not, I grew up in North Pole, Alaska. Later, as a teen, I lived on a sailboat for five years. My family visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and various Caribbean islands. I’ve included some interesting (I hope!) information about my childhood in my soon-to-be-released young adult romance, Castaways. I wrote the novelette when I was 18, and the story remains basically the same, although I’ve rewritten it a number of times. It remains close to my heart, and I hope you will like it, too.

Luckily, my husband loves to travel, too, and we (and our three kids) have embarked upon a few interesting adventures! Most have been close to home, but one was a trip to Europe. We saved and saved for years to go on this trip, and it was great, although, as my son says, it wasn’t a vacation. It was an “exploration”! Lots of interesting adventures, that’s for sure. And it didn’t start out exactly like we’d imagined. Or hoped! More information about our trip will be available soon in the blog.

I fell in love with writing in the second grade. My first romance novel, The Commander’s Desire, was published in 2008, and recently updated in 2013. Other books I’ve written include Ice Baron, a futuristic romance novel set in Kazakhstan during an Ice Age, and Her Reluctant Bodyguard. A reviewer has said that Her Reluctant Bodyguard reminds her of a Tracy/Hepburn love story. What a wonderful compliment! I really appreciate this reviewer (and all encouraging reviewers) taking the time to share her thoughts.

Writing romance novels is my first love, although I’ve written books in other categories, too. I’m interested in a number of different subjects. As a result, I like to mix things up, and that’s why I write in a variety of genres.

Quite a few books are in the line-up right now to be edited, polished, and published. Visit the Books tab to view a list of all my currently published books!



Jennette Green, author photo

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