Kaavl Calamity

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Kaavl Calamity

(Kaavl Chronicles, Book 3)


To secure peace, a covert mission will send her into the arms of her greatest rival…

The sport of kaavl used to be Methusal’s entire life. But that was before a well-armed enemy threatened to wipe out her teammates, her family, and everyone else in Koblan. Infiltrating the enemy’s capital with an undercover mission may be the only way to prevent war. But posing as the new bride of her nemesis, Mentàll, wasn’t what she had in mind…

As they infiltrate Zindedi, Methusal is torn between her inherent distrust of Mentàll and her growing attraction toward him. When their mission takes an unexpected turn, Methusal suspects a spy in their midst. In a race against time, she needs to root out the double agent before their cover is blown. If she fails, their homeland will burn to the ground…

“Kaavl Calamity is the third novel in the Kaavl Chronicles, a series of imaginative fantasy novels. If you like action-packed battles, sweeping fantasy worlds, and espionage thrillers, then you’ll love Jennette Green’s explosive fantasy adventure.”

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Kaavl Calamity, paranormal romance, new adult clean romance

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Methusal’s stomach twisted in sick knots as she waited in her father’s office for the Dehrien Chief to arrive. She hadn’t seen him in six months. Unfortunately, every time she did see him felt like a shock to her system. She struggled not to think about how he had left her that last time. Nor his veiled promise—or threat—to finish what he had begun.

Petr Storst settled his large, paunchy frame into a wooden chair. It creaked alarmingly.

Her father, the only other occupant in the room, sat at his desk, scratching words onto a parchment. He glanced at Methusal. “Remember what I said. ‘Seen, but not heard.’”

“I’ll do my best, Papa.”

Erl smiled. “I showed him to the guest quarters. He should be here any moment.”

As if summoned by the words, a sharp knock came at the wooden door. Erl rose and welcomed in the giant, blond-haired Dehrien Chief.

Methusal’s heart lurched at the sight of her long-time enemy. He was a handsome man, if one liked angles and planes, and a harsh line of a mouth. His straight nose had a hump in it near the bridge, as if broken and never properly reset, and his cheekbones were wide. A glance told her nothing about him had changed in the last six months. Nothing from the short, white-blond hair that kicked up a bit at his temple, to the broad shoulders and powerful, sleek frame outlined by his bleached leather tunic and breeches. He must be just over thirty now.

He strode with soundless, predatory grace, and although she made no sound to announce her presence, the shock of his ice blue eyes immediately focused upon her. She’d once likened their color to a glacier. Now they seared into her like blue fire.


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