My Journey to Learn Animation


Animated Video for the 4th of July



Ice Master (Book 2) is set to release in the fall!

I’ve been a bit quiet for awhile, because I’ve been hit by the animation bug. 🙂 Mind you, I knew almost nothing about animation a year ago. But I thought it would be really cool to create a “movie” trailer for Ice Master.

It has been quite the learning curve!

I learned about iClone by Reallusion, and was amazed by everything it can do! The characters, action, and set scenery can be made to look so real. See below for a clip from the trailer.

Clip from Animated Trailer for Ice Master

Scene from the past, in my science fiction romance novel, Ice Baron (Book 1)

I still have so much more to learn about animation. But for those who read this article who are interested in learning animation, I’ve found the following software, platforms, and tutorials to be the best. Blender (free), Daz3D (the software is free, but assets, such as characters, scenery, etc., are reasonably priced), and 3D Coat, which is an affordable alternative to ZBrush. I’ve learned so much about color and lighting and other animation tips from Blender Guru on YouTube.

I’ve been hard at work creating this trailer for the book, and have quite a bit more to do. Everything takes a great deal of time! I have a new appreciation for all of the work that goes into animated videos and games now. I was especially impressed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when I saw it this last December. What a fantastic example of pushing the boundaries of animation. It was really cool to see that movie–in fact, when we saw it, we had to sit in the front row, and it was even more impressive up close.

In the fall, Ice Master, Book 2 of the Ice Chronicles series, will be released. Stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages for updates. 🙂

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