GISHWHES 2014 Flash Fic Challenge


I’ve joined up to help a few teams for GISHWHES 2014 flash fic challenge #78. (Get a previously published Sci-Fi author to write an original story (140 words max) about Misha, the Queen of England and an Elopus.)

I’ll post my fics on this page.

First off, for team knights of TARDISia:

The Eyes Get It

“Help us, Doctor!” The Queen of England looked terrified in Misha’s Skype app.

Misha lay sprawled in a warehouse near Elvin the Elopus. Both were paralyzed, thanks to the mother alien’s nerve numbing impulses. She drifted toward the warehouse, her gigantic eyes pinpointed upon her prey. If they killed her, her babies attacking the Palace would die, too.

“I thought you were an angel,” Elvin told Misha. “We could use some angel mojo.”

“I’m no angel,” Misha directed a wolfish smile at his phone. The queen rolled her eyes, but winked.

Elvin snorted through his trunk. Black ink landed on Misha’s neck.


“Sorry.” The alien drifted inside the warehouse. Soon, they’d be sucked into its stomach and digested for Sunday brunch.

Unless… Elvin shot acidic ink into the alien’s eyes. A primal scream rent the air and it imploded.

This second one is for team loose_ends:

A Little Help for My Friends

“Misha, I need your help.” The Queen of England frowned at the three gigantic aquariums. In the center, an elopus stared back, draped over an artfully positioned fallen branch. His octopus legs dangled in the clear sea water. Parrots chattered in the trees behind him, and a gigantic turtle swam in the tank.

The tanks on either side of the elopus were empty.

“The parrots’ wings are clipped. And the turtle. How…?”

“I’ll find out,” Misha promised, a twinkle in his eye.

Zookeepers moved the creatures back into their own tanks. Misha thought the elopus looked unhappy.

Misha returned that night, and chuckled when he spotted the elopus climbing his aquarium’s slippery glass walls. After slithering into the turtle’s world, he curled tentacles around his friend and climbed home.

If an elopus could smile, Misha thought this one might smirk.

And the third fic is for team GayAngelsInitiative:

No Jewel in the World

“I simply must have one, Misha. An elopus is rare and precious. No jewel could compare.”

“Nothing could compare to your beauty.” The Queen of England’s eye roll indicated Misha’s compliment hadn’t served its desired purpose.

He tried again. “An elopus is fragile. It can only live in one delicate ecosystem.”

“Take me there, Misha.”

With a sigh, Misha made the arrangements. When they arrived at Elopus Island, a park ranger frowned as they offloaded a cage into their jeep. They drove to Elopus Point.

Elopuses sunned themselves on the black volcanic rock. Most were white, the color of angel wings. They looked blissful.

“Which one, madame?”

“They look so happy.” The Queen bit her lip. “Jewels can’t buy joy or peace. How can I take away what they have, to obtain what I cannot buy? You win, Misha.”

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