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Kaavl Quest

Kaavl Chronicles Book Two


Can the enemy be trusted?

Zindedi has attacked Koblan, and Deccia is a prisoner. In order to defeat the Zindedis and rescue her twin sister, Methusal and her community must ally with her mortal foe―the complicated man who appears to delight in getting under her skin―Mentàll Solboshn, Chief of Dehre. He has been put in command of the Kaavl team, but can they trust him?


“Halt.  Halt, I say!”

Methusal’s father and uncle rushed down the Grand Staircase and into the Great Hall. Two guards closed ranks behind them, preventing others from following.

She slipped back into the main passageway to see what was happening. The shouts quieted. Murmuring voices touched her ears. The guards moved, and her father and Petr Storst climbed back up the Grand Staircase. Guards followed them, blocking the view of the man behind them.

Methusal craned her neck. When the guards turned the corner a man with white-blond hair and broad, powerful shoulders strode into view.

A horrified gasp choked her lungs. Fear cut through her, as swift as a blade.

Mentàll Solboshn. Chief of Dehre—the man who had tried to take over Rolban two and a half years ago. The man who had threatened to kill her. And the man who had been warned over pain of death never to return.

What was he doing here?

Shock trembled through her. He’d pass right by her. She wouldn’t let him see her fear. She would betray no sign of weakness to her mortal enemy. To Rolban’s mortal enemy.

Erl Maahr, Petr, and the two guards approached and passed. Only one length separated her from the giant, blond-haired Dehrien Chief. She slipped into kaavl and in a heartbeat took in everything about her enemy.

He was probably just over thirty now. A bleached leather tunic and breeches outlined his sleek, powerful frame. He strode sure and silently down the hall, like a wild beast scouting its prey. She forced herself to scan his face. Still the same high, wide cheekbones, the same short, white-blond hair…and the shock of the coldest, palest blue eyes she’d ever seen.

Those wintry eyes impaled her, like spears of ice through her soul.

Fear accelerated her pulse. The Dehrien Chief said nothing, but his hard face and freezing gaze, directed only at her, clearly stated, I have not forgotten. You will pay.

Kaavl Quest, paranormal romance

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