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Kaavl Conspiracy

Kaavl Chronicles Book One



“I absolutely loved the character of Methusal Maahr– she’s feisty, loyal, and just generally kick-ass!” – Judith, Straight from the Library

“I have to say that it is a close call whether I love this book or “The Commander’s Desire” better! (“Commander” is one of my top ten romances.)”
– Debbie Alexander



When eighteen-year-old Methusal Maahr is framed for the murder of her oldest friend, she will do anything to expose the true killer and clear her name, including team up with her arch rival in the Kaavl Games, Behran. But all clues point to her guilt…and appear to tie into a conspiracy regarding the new peace talks with their oldest enemies from Dehre.

While peace looms on the horizon, Methusal doesn’t trust it. Mentàll Solboshn, Chief of Dehre, is not what he appears to be. Her determination to discover the truth soon pits her against the formidable Chief. Not only is he the best kaavl player in the land, but he is determined that the peace plan will pass. Can Methusal’s rare kaavl skills possibly outmatch him, and stop him from succeeding with his devious plans?

Methusal is ready and willing to do anything to protect her community of Rolban–even put her own life on the line to expose and defeat a dangerous political foe. But little does she realize the true danger may lie within her own community…


Rolban’s Chief lifted his hand. A silvery metal object rested in his palm, and a fine chain spilled between his fingers. “I suppose you recognize this.”

With a shock of surprise, she automatically reached for the familiar object. “Where did you find it?”

Kaavl Conspiracy, paranormal romance


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Kaavl Conspiracy, a young adult paranormal adventure novel by Jennette Green



Petr let her take it. It was a fingerbreadth thick, and shaped like a rectangle, with the longest sides nearly as long as her palm. It was made of solid ore, and heavy. A carved border outlined the object and a large, flourished capital letter “M” was embossed upon the tablet necklace.

Her fingers rubbed its familiar lines and edges. “I’ve been searching for it all week.” She flipped it over and traced two familiar scratches on the back—a large, crude “M” in the center, and on the bottom right, a small “r.” Some ancient child ancestor of hers had scratched those in long ago.

“I found it on Renn’s dead body this morning.”

“On…Renn?” Methusal gasped. Why had Renn had her necklace? He’d known it belonged to her. Everyone did. After all, the necklace had been passed down to the oldest Maahr child for centuries. Why hadn’t he returned it?

Petr’s frown deepened. “Nothing to say?”

“What do you mean?”

“Fine. This might loosen your tongue.” He shoved a scrap of paper across the table. “Read it.”

She smoothed out the wrinkles and read the small, cramped handwriting, which looked messier than normal, as if Renn had written it in a rush.


Methusal, I found your necklace. I’ll have to tell Petr, but I wanted to warn you first. Meet me on the crop plateau tonight. I know you’ve been in the ore mine, because that’s where I found your necklace. Are you the ore thief? We’ve always been friends, so I wanted to give you the chance to explain to me first.   Renn

The message left her speechless. At the same time, she couldn’t help but touch the parchment.

Renn had written this note to her. Why hadn’t she received it? Her bewilderment grew. “This doesn’t make sense. I’ve never been to the ore mine.”

“Mmhm. Then how did he find your necklace?”

“I don’t know. It’s been lost…”

“Lost in the ore deposits!”

“But how? I don’t even know where the ore mine is.”

“Don’t lie. Renn’s letter proves you’ve been there.”

“No. I haven’t.” Exactly what point was her uncle trying to make? Methusal scrambled to make sense out of something…anything…in this strange line of questioning. “Isn’t the mine closed? That’s why we can’t make more weapons, right?”

“No. We choose not to mine ore. It’s a condition of the Great War Peace Plan. Surely you know that. Just as you know the Rolban Mountains house the biggest deposits of ore on the Koblan continent. Maybe in the entire world.”

“Yes. But…”

“Don’t play dumb, Methusal. You knew Renn was an ore mine guard!”

“No. I didn’t. I thought he was Sims’ supply room assistant.”

“He had two jobs!” Petr’s fist crashed onto the table. She jumped. He lunged to his feet. “Why were you in the restricted area? How did you get back there?”

“I didn’t!”

“Obviously, you did. We have proof. You stole ore! Who did you give it to?”

Methusal gaped up at him. “What? I didn’t steal ore! What are you talking about?”

Petr leaned over the table. “We know you’re involved, Methusal. Renn found your necklace in the ore deposits. He sent you the note. You met him on the bluffs last night. He confronted you about your ore thefts, and you pushed him over the edge.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in Jennette Green’s new fantasy series, Kaavl Chronicles, Kaavl Conspiracy, and am looking forward to the next book in the series. I absolutely loved the character of Methusal Maahr– she’s feisty, loyal, and just generally kick-ass!” – Judith, Straight from the Library

“I have to say that it is a close call whether I love this book or “The Commander’s Desire” better! (“Commander” is one of my top ten romances.) I really enjoyed the fullness of the world created in this book, the who-dun-it was successfully pulled off, and it was easy to identify with the main character. The ending was satisfying; this is a hard task in series books.”
– Debbie Alexander

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