Jennette Green author of historical and inspirational romance
Jennette Green

Author of historical and inspirational romance
Romance that touches the soul . . .

Her Reluctant Bodyguard

"Top Pick"

The Pen & Muse

“There are no words. Honestly, there are no words to explain how much I loved this book. This is probably one of the absolute best books I have ever read in my entire life. I just don’t know where to begin.” – Rebecca Lynn, The Pen & Muse  …full book review

Contemporary Inspirational Romance book summary

Alexa had never met a more exasperating man...

When English pop star Colin Radcliffe asks Alexa to write his biography and tour with him in Europe, she is thrilled—until she begins to receive death threats.

To her dismay, Colin puts her under the 24/7 protection of his Italian chief bodyguard, Jamison Constanzo—a man with whom she’s clashed from day one. If only she could spend more time with her perfect man, Colin, rather than spending all of her days with this black-hearted thorn in her side!

Alexa struggles to control her flip attitude toward Jamison. Why does opening up her heart to him feel almost as dangerous as dealing with the stalker’s threats? But when the killer strikes, Jamison is the only one she can turn to…

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Her Reluctant Bodyguard Christian romance novel

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Alexa crossed to poke her head into Jamison’s room. He’d just unzipped a giant suitcase—black, of course—and draped a clump of black, button down shirts on the bed. Some looked to be made of cotton, others of a silkier material.
           “Are you color blind?” she wanted to know.
           He glanced up. “You’re here to help me unpack?”
           “Of course not!” Alexa felt embarrassed, but didn’t retreat. “We need to hash out rules so we can live in peace.”
           He pulled out a pile of black pants. Some jeans, some slacks.
           “Would you stop that?” she demanded. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation.”
           “I can’t unpack at the same time?”
           Alexa gritted her teeth. “I have no desire to see any of your black…unmentionables.”
           An actual smile curled his lips, and he stopped pulling items from his suitcase. “Then wait in the sitting area. I’ll be five minutes.”
            Alexa narrowed her eyes. She didn’t want to stay here, but she didn’t want to retreat, either. And she wanted to assert her rules first—before the bodyguard had a chance to make a power grab. “I’ll make it snappy,” she said, averting her eyes as he pulled smaller black items from the suitcase and tucked them in the dresser. “I have one rule. You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone.”
            “Fine.” Jamison pulled a thick book from the bottomless suitcase and placed it on the bedside table. What was that? War and Peace? Certainly appropriate for their living situation.
            “Well then,” Alexa said, pleased. “I’ll leave you to sort your outfits by color. I’m never sure—does black silk go with black cotton?” With this saucy comment, which likely sailed right over his unfashionable head, she turned to leave.
            “I have a rule.”
            Alexa turned back. She should have known her triumph had been too easy.
            “You don’t leave this apartment without me.”
            Alexa fell silent for one long beat, absorbing the full, horrifying implications of his statement. “Excuse me? I’m supposed to be chained to you night and day?”
            “That’s what twenty-four/seven means.” He flipped the suitcase shut. The rasp of the zipper sounded like machine gun fire in the suddenly silent room. “If you want to run the stairs, I go with you. If you want to shop, I go with you. If you want to sight-see, I go with you. Think of me as your shadow.”
            “Hence the black,” she said sarcastically. But further words evaded her. A sick feeling dropped into the pit of her stomach. She and Jamison, joined at the hip for almost five weeks? They couldn’t breathe the same air without fighting! Her fairy tale had officially transformed into a nightmare. She muttered, “We’re going to kill each other.”
            “I promise I won’t kill you, princess. It’s not in my job description.” How could he look so amused?


"Top Pick"

The Pen & Muse

“There are no words. Honestly, there are no words to explain how much I loved this book. This is probably one of the absolute best books I have ever read in my entire life. I just don’t know where to begin.” – Rebecca Lynn, The Pen & Muse…full book review

Recommended Read and Five Stars

"Her Reluctant Bodyguard is an amazing, compelling story about love, but most of all faith…faith in one’s self, faith in others and faith in God.

Ms. Green has written an inspiring story about the importance of addressing one’s fears in order to move forward in life, ...[and] in love. As a teenager, Alexa watched her parents fight...until someone got hurt. The fear instilled in Alexa at such an impressionable age is realistic... Unfortunately, the only world she feels safe and free in to love is the writing world. In the real world, Alexa has closed her heart in order to prevent from being hurt again...

The love/hate relationship that Alexa and Jamieson quickly enter into is at times humorous and at other times heart breaking. They have both been hurt and their fear of loving one another is so intense that you’ll need to take deep breaths as the anxiety begins to build within in your own heart and soul as the story progresses. ...

Ms. Green writes an inspiring character in Alexa that comes to life with her quick wit, beautiful soul, and impressive faith in God, which only adds depth to this three-dimensional character.” – AJ, Blackraven’s Reviews;
...full book review