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Author of historical and inspirational romance
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Ice Baron

Book Summary

Fast-paced, action-packed futuristic romance book, with a contemporary feel.
Elements of science fiction romance

Honorable Mention

Third Place
Global eBook Awards

Ice Baron, 3rd place, honorable mention, global ebook awards


Reviewer's Choice Award

Two Lips Reviews
Five Stars (Five "Lips")

Former Kazakhstan, year 3145 A.D.
1,000 years ago, nuclear war destroyed the face of the earth. Now the earth is frozen in a permanent ice age.

Anya’s icy world is about to heat up…

Anya has loved Joshua for years. Unfortunately, he's her protector, and became baron of Donetsk Territory when her father was murdered. According to the Old Barons' Law, a romantic relationship between them is forbidden. However, breaking the law will probably never become an issue, for Joshua is determined to negotiate peace with their mortal enemy, Onred. Joshua presents Anya with a choice--marry the Altai baron in order to ensure peace for their territory, or else her people will continue to die in the bloody war.

Joshua must get Anya out of his territory before he does the unthinkable and breaks the protector’s sacred trust. When Onred proposes an end to centuries of brutal war, Joshua accepts the bargain. Bound by duty and honor to protect his citizens, and fulfill his sworn vows to Anya’s dead father, he will do what is right, no matter the cost to himself.

Should Anya accept her fate? Can Onred be trusted? Or is he a madman, who will drive their world to the brink of destruction?

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Ice Baron, futuristic romance, science fiction  science fiction romance novel

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Book Excerpt

Pitch black had settled in outside. With it, a deep, biting cold swirled into the cave.
           She really should put out the fire.
           But it was so warm and friendly. And Anya felt so alone.
           Put it out. It was time to get going. Although the cave entrance was partially blocked, someone at the perfect angle might see the light. Maybe that one, last, persistent pilot—although she hadn’t heard the craft since noon. He must have given up, too. For now.
           Unfolding her trowel, Anya chipped up a mound of frozen ice and mud and cast it onto the fire. It flickered, but didn’t go out.
           “Don’t put it out on my account.”
           The low, rough voice made her gasp, and she whipped out her laser.
           He seemed to fill the entrance. The elite, cream military parka made his shoulders seem wider, his body more solid and forbidding.
           “You.” Hands trembling, she lowered the weapon.
           “Of course it’s me. I’m your protector. Who did you think would come for you?”
            Palpable fury simmered in him, deep and hot, yet tightly leashed, as were every one of his emotions, always. In the past, she had wished that just once she could break through the impenetrable shell he enclosed around himself. Just once, she’d like to see him snap, to glimpse the true man underneath all the medals and the power that fit him like a glove. To especially see beyond the shiny honor of hero worship with which she’d clothed him when they had first met. She had always wanted to please him.
           No more.


Honorable Mention

3rd Place
Speculative Fiction – Science Fiction

Global eBook Awards


Reviewer's Choice Award

Two Lips Reviews
Five Stars (Five "Lips")

Reader's Choice Award, Two Lips Reviews

"Jennette Green opens her Ice Chronicles series with a fast-paced story filled with action, suspense and incredible sexual tension between the two main characters. Finishing in third place in the 2011 Global ebook Awards, Ice Baron is set in a post-apocalyptic world that seemed so realistic and conceivable, I could see the crisp cold snow coming down so thick it obscured my vision, feel the ache in my legs as I slogged with Anya through the deep banks of snow...." — Merrylee, Two Lips Reviews  Read full review here...


Reviews from Smashwords

Thank you so much to the following two reviewers from Smashwords. I appreciate your encouraging words more than I can say. I hope it is all right that I've posted your reviews here. If I knew how to contact you, I would thank you personally! :)

"This book is amazing! i just couldnt stop. The emotions described were so real and the plots.. i felt like i was watching a movie. Maybe it should be made into a movie. now that would be something....." — Feyi Adeyemo

"i read the ice baron and it is one of the most intresting reads i have had in a long time. there is the element of the past when it comes to the barons . but the technology in the book is simply amazing and the love story just perfect" — umotho kinya mbae, Kenya


"I’m not one to go for the military influenced books but I did enjoy this book . . . and I recommend it to those that like this sort of genre." — Jillean, Once Upon a Romance  full review...


(Rated PG-13 for violence and occasional mild language (occasional use of the word "d*mn"))

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