Jennette Green author of historical and inspirational romance
Jennette Green

Author of historical and inspirational romance
Romance that touches the soul . . .

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Ice Baron

Fast-paced, action-packed futuristic romance book, with a contemporary feel.
Elements of science fiction romance

Former Kazakhstan, year 3145 A.D.
1,000 years ago, nuclear war destroyed the face of the earth, leaving it frozen in a permanent ice age. And yet mankind still has not learned. Battles for power continue to rage upon the earth...

Anya’s icy world is about to heat up…

Anya has loved Joshua for years. Unfortunately, he's her protector, and became Baron of their territory when her father was murdered. According to the Old Barons' Law, a romantic relationship between them is forbidden. Breaking the law is unlikely to become an issue, however, for Joshua has made her choices clear--either she must choose to marry their mortal enemy, Onred, or else her people will continue to die in the bloody war.

Joshua must get Anya out of his territory before he does the unthinkable and breaks the protector’s sacred trust. When Onred proposes an end to centuries of brutal war, Joshua accepts the bargain. Bound by duty and honor to protect his citizens, and fulfill his sworn vows to Anya’s dead father, he will do what is right, no matter the cost to himself.

Should Anya accept her fate? Can Onred be trusted? Or is he a madman, who will drive their world to the brink of destruction?

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Ice Baron, futuristic romance, science fiction 

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Murder by Nightmare

A novelette murder mystery
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May has never liked to be alone at night, because that's when nightmares haunt her.

However, when her husband leaves for the weekend, she's certain she'll be safe home alone in their suburban neighborhood. But when the man next door is attacked, and the woman across the street is murdered, her life begins to take on a nightmarish quality. Who is behind the attacks? Will the nightmares ever end?

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